Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust, 39 Dartford Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3TE
0776 336 4185

What We Do

Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust

All of SAYT’s work is built around developing long term relationships.  We seek to come alongside and support young people through what can be an incredibly turbulent perioid of their lives.  We listen non-judgmentally and model God’s love every day in every situation.  

The main bulk of our work can be split into four main categories:

Detached Work

By detached work, we mean we’re not seeking to bring young people to where we are, rather we go out to where they are, such as streets and parks.  For years, SAYT has been involved in detached work at Greatness Park, where we can found every Thursday night, where we spend time hanging out with the young people there.  We also bring along our minibus, which provides some shelter during the harsh winter months, and we serve hot chocolate and cakes to those who want it.  All of this forms part of our aim of developing long term relationships and showing God’s love through our words and actions.

We can also be found in Sevenoaks’ Youth Cafe, “House in the Basement”, which is located beneath the Stag Theatre in the centre of town.  We’re normally there on Wednesday nights, and again it’s a great way to meet new people as well as build on exisitng relationships in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

School’s Work

We currently run schools clubs in Knole Academy and Trinity School.  These clubs are a great way for us to meet new people, build on exisiting relationships and come alongside young people in the environment they spend so much of their time in.  

We also lead assemblies at various schools around the area (please let us know if you’d like us to speak at your school!).


We also recognise the value of working with young people one-to-one, and so our workers will sometimes invite those we know out for coffee or lunch.  This allows the young person the freedom to talk about whatever they wish, without fear of being embarrassed or shown up in front of their peers.  Note that one-to-one sessions practically always happen in public places to avoid any safeguarding issues.

Special Events

In the past we have been known to take young people on trips to various Christian events including (but not limited to) Soul Survivor and Big Church Day Out.  We also try and arrange informal social events whenever we can.